Health and Safety Behavioural Safety Programme

It has been estimated by the Health and Safety Executive that up to 80% of accidents are partly attributed to the conduct of workers and their acts or omissions. 

Behavioural safety programmes have therefore been developed to influence workers’ behaviour in order to reduce risk, stimulate improvements in health and safety and reduce accident rates.  

Our behavioural safety programme includes the following elements: 

  • Observation of conduct, operations and activities
  • Feedback to management on the results of observations
  • Facilitate the setting-up of a steering committee to define safe and unsafe practices and to monitor long-term behavioural safety
  • Behavioural safety training and workshop sessions provided to workers to communicate safe practices which should be adhered to and to scrutinise unsafe practices which are prohibited.
  • Further observation of operations and activities
  • Meetings with those who are identified as continuing to work unsafely in order to establish reasons and to reinforce required safe practices.
  • Optional ongoing behavioural safety support 

It should be noted that while behavioural safety programmes persuade workers to work safely and deliver greatly improved safety outcomes, additional health and safety improvements can be achieved when delivered in tandem with a Health and Safety Culture Improvement programme.  

Please contact us if you are interested in implementing a Health and Safety Behavioural Safety Programme.

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