The Business Case for Health & Safety

Informed business leaders always ensure that they manage health and safety effectively, as they understand its value and contribution to the sustainability and profitability of their organisation; however the requirements of health and safety legislation are still commonly thought of by business owners and financial directors as an expensive and unwanted burden.  Research and studies have repeatedly found that organisations that effectively manage their health and safety are more successful and productive than those which do not.

Effective health and safety management and standards have been demonstrated to have the following positive outcomes:

  • Reduced ill health, absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Reduced costs associated with the replacement of employees and associated training costs
  • Reduced likelihood of accidents, associated downtime and indirect costs (i.e. defending legal action)
  • Higher staff retention rates
  • Higher employee productivity due to improved morale, commitment and  motivation
  • Reduced damage to company assets
  • Increased efficiency due to more efficient work processes
  • Maintained and improving business reputation
  • Protection of intangible assets (i.e. brand image and customer loyalty)
  • Reduced Insurance Premiums

The risks associated with ignoring health and safety management can in some instances lead to the poor performance or failure of a business; we can help ensure that your business stays safe and successful.

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